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Helping others always makes me happy, so with the help of akshatanand.in, I want to teach people who cannot afford Udemy or Skillshare classes but want to learn. That is why I created akshatanand.in., so that I can help people who want to learn about editing, VFX, SEO, 3D modeling, etc., and teach them how to use software like Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Blender, Photoshop, etc. I hope you received all of your answers.

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If you are thinking I am only on this website, then you are completely wrong. You can also see my tutorials on my social media handles.

Currently, you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

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Akshat Anand

Helping other Always make me Happy I love to Help People and Solve their Problems, On akshatanand.in I will try my Best to Help you on your Journey to Success. By giving you Tips and Tricks Software Tutorial, Digital Marketing