How to Create a Project in iMovie

An Image of iMovie Project Interface

Want to Create Your Own iMovie Project, It’s easy to make movies on Mac computers using iMovie. However, until you’ve successfully made your first movie, the process can be intimidating. Follow these instructions to get started with your first iMovie project.

Step 1: Create Your iMovie Project

Before you get started editing, you need to open, name, and save your iMovie Project:

Select the Project tab:

iMovie Projects Tab

Select Create New:

An Image of Create New Button

Select Movie to combine video, images, and music in a movie. The app switches to the project screen and assigns your movie a generic name, such as My Movie 1.

Movies Button

Use the back arrow to go back to the Projects page and enter a name for your movie to replace the generic name. Select OK to save the project.

Enter Name

To access and edit your in-process movie project at any time, select Projects and then select your movie from your saved projects list.

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