Microsoft Word Download for Free – 2023 Latest Version

💡 Version:Microsoft 365
🖥️ Operating System:Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
💿 License:Free Trial
🏢 Developer Name:Microsoft
➡️ Category:Office and Business Tools, Writing and Editing Tools

How to Download Microsoft Word for

To be honest, there is no unlimited free version of Microsoft Word, and anyone who is offering you a free copy is either trying to trick you or will give you a pirated version.

However, you can download Microsoft 365 and get Word free for 30 days. Then decide if you want to purchase a subscription, that includes all the essential Microsoft 365 apps.

I’ll also show you how you can get a limited version of Microsoft Word 100% free without downloading any software.

How to Download Word (Microsoft 365) for Free

1. Click the Download button on the sidebar, and a new page will open with some helpful FAQs for Microsoft 365. Click on the Download Now button.

2. Click the Try Free for 1 Month link.

Microsoft 365

3. Click the Sign Up Free button.

Microsoft 365 Trial

4. You will need to log in or create a new free Microsoft account. Take note; the free trial is only available for new customers. So, if you’ve previously purchased a subscription, even to an older version of Office, it won’t let you continue to the download section. The way around this is to create a new Microsoft account. It only takes a minute – enter a valid email address, new password, and confirm the email by entering the verification code you received in your email.

5. Even though it’s a free trial, you will need to enter your credit card information. Click the Next button to proceed to the secure payment page.

6. Choose your payment method. The options are Credit Card or Debit Card, PayPal, or Mobile Phone.

7. Enter your payment information and click the Save button.

8.Press the Subscribe button.

Microsoft 365 Family Trial

9. After your subscription is confirmed, click the Continue button.

10. Click the Download the Desktop Apps button, and your Microsoft account page will open in a new tab.

11. Click Install Office, and the OfficeSetup.EXE file will download to your computer.

12.When the download is complete, open the file, and Microsoft will automatically install the entire collection of Microsoft 365 apps to your computer.

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