How to build an advanced automatic furnace in Minecraft

Automatic furnaces are a must-have for any Minecraft player looking to save some time.

Basic furnaces are super slow and tedious. They require the player to constantly refill and empty them. With the furnace shown in the image above, players will no longer have to wait long for their resources to be smelted.

The highlighted build today features the unique usage of minecarts with hoppers that are constantly distributing resources to the furnaces. While this build may seem daunting to some players, it is actually very easy to build.

Resources required to create an automatic mega-furnace in Minecraft

As seen in the image above, this build does not require too many resources to complete.

The resources required are also not too difficult to collect, which is great news for players who hate mining.

The required resources are listed below:

  • 48 Hoppers
  • 36 Powered Rails
  • 16 Furnaces
  • 13 Building Blocks (of any kind)
  • Five Chests
  • Four Rails
  • Three Levers
  • Two Minecarts with Hopper

For a furnace of this efficiency, the resource count is quite low.

The Build

This build has to be one of the easiest and most efficient Minecraft automatic furnaces out currently.

To understand how this automatic furnace works, Minecraft players will have to place fuel items in one chest and a smeltable item in another.

The two minecarts will take these items and evenly distribute them to the hoppers, which will send them into their respective place in the furnace. The furnaces will then smelt the items, and the output will be sent into a single chest.

This build is super easy to create if the player can follow the three-minute video tutorial below.

All Minecraft players are highly recommended to build this automatic furnace as it will save their time and provide them with great knowledge on how to build redstone contraptions.