Easiest ways to organize items in Minecraft

After playing Minecraft for a while, players may get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of items to handle and organize. As soon as players enter the world, they start collecting loads of items, both useful and useless. However, there are several efficient ways to sort out one’s inventory and storage.

Almost all the blocks and items in the world can be collected and kept by the player. As new players enter the world, they start chopping down trees, mining stone and collecting resources. After some time, their inventory and large chests will fill up and they will have a hard time finding items they need at the right time.

1) Organizing the inventory

Players will have limited items early in the game, and organizing them is easy. The inventory hotbar should always have necessary items, like tools, weapons, food, torches and strong blocks. These items can ensure the safety of a player.

Inside the inventory, players can organize extra tools and weapons right above the hotbar items to swap them easily. They should also keep similar items near to each other. They can also use corners of the inventory for different types of items.

2) Organizing the chests

Soon enough, players start dumping all their stuff in multiple chests. Although this may help them empty their inventory, it might create a problem if they don’t sort their chests out.

Chests should be organized according to the different items it contains. Players can assign each row or column for a particular item, like food, plants, iron etc. They can also use the corners of a chest to stack certain items together.

3) Keeping chests for every single item

After a few weeks of playing Minecraft, the player can gather so many items that a few chests won’t be able to contain them. Soon they will have to come up with an extensive system of making loads of chests for every item.

This may sound like overkill at first, but it is highly recommended for players who are on an intermediate level.

Each item should have at least one chest of its own. This way, players can structure their storage base in Minecraft. They will have to put item frames in front of each chest to find the correct item at a glance.

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