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iMovie is an easy to use video editing software that can quickly be downloaded for free onto your Mac or any iOS device. 

It’s a great option for beginners who are just getting started with video editing. In the past few years, Apple has released some big updates for iMovie. So now it’s not just great for beginners but also for more advanced video editors as well!

This course of iMovie unravels the post-production world for editors. Students will dive into the key features of iMovie software for Video and Audio Editing and learn elements for creating professional videos with the use of color grade, motion graphic, custom texts and more!!

Here’s everything we’ll cover in our complete iMovie video editing tutorial: 

How to Create a Project in iMovie

In this first module, we will learn the basics of navigating the iMovie interface, importing media, and getting it organised and ready to edit.

How to Edit in iMovie

In this module, we will learn how to edit a rough cut quickly and efficiently in iMovie. We will also cover how to begin refining your rough cut.

How to add B – Roll in iMovie

In this module, we will learn How to add B-Roll in iMovie. B-roll is footage that supplements your main video clips

How To Add Titles & Text In iMovie

In this module, we will learn How to add Dynamic titles and How to add Custom Texts to our Project in iMovie

How To Add Effects and Music In iMovie

In this module, we will learn How to add Effects and Music to our project in iMovie

How To Color Grade In iMovie

In this module we will dig into color correction, learning how to read video scopes to assess an images’ needs and then how to alter clips for both practical and creative purposes.

How To Add Export & Share Your Videos In iMovie

In this final module, we will learn how to export and share your video

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Akshat Anand

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