What are the best uses for potions in Minecraft 1.18?

Minecraft, a sandbox game, gives players creative freedom to do as they wish. The same is true regarding potions.

Users have various potions at their disposal that they can concoct and use. These potions grant players numerous buffs, which can come in very handy in sticky situations.

To brew a potion, gamers must get their hands on certain rare items which may be laborious to find. However, the end result is rewarding. From seeing in the dark to gaining strength, potions give them an extra edge when exploring or combating.

The new Minecraft 1.18 update saw some massive changes in the world generation. These tweaks can cause some hurdles in players’ ability to explore the world freely. Hence, using certain potions can aid them in overcoming any barriers that lie ahead thus coming out victorious.

Best potions to have in Minecraft 1.18

Potions can provide players with positive or negative effects. While they focus more on the former, those with negative effects can also come in handy.

Before users start brewing, they must have a few items, including:

  • Brewing stand
  • Blaze powder
  • Glass bottles
  • Nether warts

You can watch this video to get started

Using other ingredients, they can add effects to the potions, and these ingredients can range from sugar to phantom membranes. Certain potions, such as Potion of Water Breathing and Potion of Fire Resistance, will always be of great use in Minecraft.

This article provides a curated list of five of gamers’ best potions in the Minecraft 1.18 update. These potions make it easier for them to navigate the new terrain and fight the mobs that lurk in the darkness.

1) Potion of Night Vision

The addition of gigantic cave systems in Minecraft 1.18 has made this one of the best potions to carry around. As the name suggests, it grants players the ability to see clearly in the dark and underwater.

This is very advantageous as they can now freely explore the caves. Users can easily make Night Vision potions using golden carrots.

2) Potion of Slow Falling

A really easy way to die in Minecraft is due to fall damage. With the build limit going up to 319 blocks and the caves going as low as -64 blocks, the likelihood of gamers dying due to fall damage has increased manifold.

Potion of Slow Falling decreases the speed of the fall and prevents them from taking any fall damage. To brew it, individuals require phantom membranes that they can get by killing Phantoms.

3) Potion of Invisibility

This potion is perfect for players to move around undetected by mobs or other users. Combined with the Night Vision Potion, they can easily move around and collect resources in the deep caves without being bothered by mobs.

Potion of Invisibility can also help perform sneak attacks on other gamers when playing in a multiplayer world. They require a fermented spider eye to concoct this potion.

4) Potion of Healing

Due to the scarcity of light in the caves, players can easily be jumped by mobs. Under such perilous conditions, this potion can be a lifesaver. They can instantly restore four to eight hearts after consuming it.

By converting this potion into a splash potion, users can also do damage to the undead mob while regaining health. They need the glistening melon to be able to make this potion.

5) Potion of Swiftness

As the name suggests, this potion provides gamers with speed and agility, traveling faster and jumping further after consuming it. It can increase the user’s ability by 20% to 40% for eight minutes or three minutes, respectively.

Players can use this enhanced ability to avoid mobs and move quickly. However, they must beware of falling into holes and crevices that may lead to their death. This is one of the easiest potions to brew as it requires sugar, obtained by breaking sugarcane.

Several other potions give gamers special abilities that enhance their gameplay. Players can explore these potions and use them in different situations. Each one has its pros and cons, and it’s up to users to use them fittingly.

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